About Us

Monument Financial Group is a network of consultants and professionals dedicated to the financial success of middle-class America.

The guiding principals shared by the entire team of professionals at Monument Financial Group include:

  • EDUCATION FOCUSED– Knowledge sharing is the foundation of the client relationship at Monument Financial Group. Our engagements begin with information sharing because we understand that educated clients make better decisions!
  • INTEGRITY & HONESTY – All of services and products offered by Monument Financial Group are focused on the client’s best short-term and long-term interests. If a product or service does not make sense for a particular client and their goals, then it is not offered.
  • OPTIONS BASED SOLUTIONS – Along with information & education, our experience has shown that clients make better decisions when presented with more than one option.  Our consultants have the experience to identify the ‘short list’ of alternatives that enable client success.
we help you save, grow and protect your moneY

Our Professionals

The team at Monument Financial Group has a diverse background of financial expertise and experience. We welcome the opportunity to help you define and achieve your financial goals.

Monument Financial Group - David McDaniel

David McDaniel

As a licensed life insurance producer, David's areas of expertise include insurance and annuity products that help clients save, grow and protect their money to meet their long-term objectives while also providing security and protection to their spouses, partners and children. David thrives on client engagement and helping his clients learn about the basics of personal finance by applying 'Money 101' principals and other financial management 'best practices'.

Watch for David on one of his favorite trails, mountains or roads where he enjoys hiking, biking and the great outdoors.

Monument Financial Group - Susan Richards

Susan Richards

Susan’s greatest passion is to educate others on their personal finances. With over 15 years as a licensed life insurance agent and as one of the founders of Five Rings Financial, she recognizes, today more than ever, the need to educate middle class America on opportunities to improve their financial future. Susan is highly focused on the growing market place for women and has contributed to one of the largest and fastest growing women’s education programs available in the industry – 'Wine, Women and Wealth'.

Susan and her husband Mike enjoy beautiful Colorado with their 2 children and their grandson.

Monument Financial Group – Protect your Income

Laurie Holgate

With over 25 years as a tax preparer and consultant, Laurie has helped hundreds of clients minimize their tax liability to optimize both their short and long-term financial performance. Laurie has consulted both individual and small-business tax filers on the best strategies to navigate the complexities of the US tax code system.

When not assisting clients with their tax education and planning, Laurie can be found among her favorite animals including Ransome (neigh), Genie (woof), Tweeky & Beebe (tweet) and Gulliver (meow).

Money 101 Workshop on January 14 @ 11:30 am Mountain