We are a network of consultants dedicated to the financial success of Americans seeking a better financial future.

In our award winning ‘Money 101‘ workshop, we teach clients the same $ principals used by the wealthy.

‘Money 101’ is NOT a sales seminar, but rather an educational workshop. In it, you will learn how to SAVE, GROW AND PROTECT your money for your future dreams and financial freedom – with money you never knew you had.

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Monument Financial Group – Learn how to save, grow and protect your money
Monument Financial Group - Chart Your Course to a Better Financial Future

Most of us attended school for more than a decade to learn about reading, writing and arithmetic. But we never learned about our personal finances!

Monument Financial Group believes that all Americans should be provided with a sound education on how money works. This educational, innovative and entertaining ‘Money 101’ workshop event is a great first step for everyone wanting to have a better financial future.

Explore how to save, grow and protect your money for retirement, financial independence or for your children’s secondary education – with money you never knew you had.

In ‘Money 101’, you will learn what the wealthy know –

 * How to save money you didn’t know you had
 * The amazing power of compounding
 * The importance of living benefits

Take it from Jessica C., from Stillwater, OK –

‘Money 101’ was the best 30 minute investment I have made in myself in a long time. I have renewed confidence in my financial future now!